KSFFA Regional Fire School – Cimarron – January 2020

KSFFA Regional Fire School
Hosted by Cimarron Fire Department
January 4-5, 2020
Location: Cimarron High School, 400 N. 5th, Cimarron


Saturday – 8 a.m. – All 8 hr. classes

  1. Vehicle Extrication
  2. Rope Rescue
  3. Wildland Fires
  4. Pump Operations
  5. Burn Injury Class (EMS CE)

Sunday – 8 a.m. – All 4 hr. classes

  1. Firefighter Rehab
  2. Incident Safety Officer
  3. SAMM
  4. SAMM for Spouses

Sunday – NOON

  1. KSFFA Burn Trailer

Contact Chief Troy Blevins 620-855-4824 tblevins@grayco.org  
or KSFFA SW Trustee Chris Komarek 620-566-7510 ckomarek@cityofellingwood.com


  • These courses are offered at no charge.
  • These schools are open to all firefighters/EMS
  • The KSFFA furnishes medical insurance for all participants.
  • The KSFFA is not responsible for lost or damaged clothing or equipment.
  • If you desire to have Firefighter One or Two testing, this must be pre-registered through Kansas Fire & Rescue Training Institute.
  • The KSFFA offers fit testing with its porta-count machine at all regional fire school.


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