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Hello Kansas Fire Service.   It has been a busy past few months.   We would like to extend our gratitude to Salina Fire for another excellent conference.  The 131st Annual Conference was a huge success and well attended by over 120 delegates.   We thank all those members who served on committees and help steer the direction of this association.   Elections brought all members back to their positions.   However, during the conference, Treasure Romine and myself did indicate to the group that this would likely be our last terms on the Board.    Dan has served almost thirty years and he has a wealth of knowledge on this organization.   I will be near twenty years on this board when my term is up.   Circumstances may change, but we wanted the organization to be on notice to be thinking about this in the future.  Put on the calendars though that we will be in Topeka in 2020 on April 23, 24, and 25.  It will be a very different format as almost the entire conference will be centered around training topics.  There will also be a large celebration on Saturday following our business meeting to help Topeka Fire celebrate their 150th Anniversary.   Plan to bring your family along to help in the celebration and participate in the many activities that are planned.  Watch the Firewire and the website for more details.

Speaking of changing circumstances, from last year to this year, what a difference.  Wildfires were all the concern last year.  Now this late spring, we are dealing with flooding in many areas of the state.   Many of your departments have been faced with swift water rescues.  This is just another point to highlight the all hazards approach that the fire service has to have.  Focusing on solely firefighting in today’s world is not a realistic way to maintain funding for your agency and serve the expectations of our citizens.  At the end of the day, we serve them and their wishes.  Not ours.    As we roll into summer, I hope all of our members stay safe and continue to be vigilant on emergency scenes to send everyone home.

One final note I will leave you with is to ask you all to keep our webmaster in your thoughts.  Gwen Romine has served this Association quietly behind the screen for many years.   She is the electronic presence of this Association and builds all of our web content daily.  She recently suffered a medical issue that will require some longer-term treatment.   We wish her a speedy recovery and want her and Dan to know we do greatly appreciate the work she has done all these years for the fire service in Kansas.    We do ask that you bear with us during this time as we work towards helping her fill the void of electronic news and the book sales.  Keep your crews safe and we will see you soon at a Regional School near you!

-KSFFA President, Kevin Flory

Posted by Gwen Dorr Romine, KSFFA Webmaster
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