Fort Scott Fire Department to receive new engines and equipment

Every 25 years fire departments are mandated to refurbish their current engine to meet regulations or get a new one.

The Fort Scott fire department is in the process of getting a new engine with a ladder that will cost about $1.4 million, and another to hold water that will run about $400,000.

Rhonda Dunn, the Director of Finance for Fort Scott says, “We are currently looking into the retirement of two of our fire trucks and replacing two of those with newer fire trucks. We’re looking at all possibilities, were looking at all possibilities in hopes to find the best solution for our community.”

And the station and the city are still in the early stages of narrowing down their selections, but there are plenty of things to consider before they make their purchase.

“When you live in an old town, the 1800’s we have to be careful that it can maneuver the streets that we have. Also, we have a very low railroad bridge it has to go under, and so we have to consider the height of the equipment, the weight, the width and make sure it fits with our community,” she says.

And in addition to the engines, the fire department has plans to add new oxygen tanks to their fleet. Through the assistance to Firefighters Grant and a contribution from the city, the organization will be able to make the much needed upgrade.

Dave Bruner, deputy fire chief for the Fort Scott fire department says, “These air packs we have are 2004 models and 15 years, the bottles are actually obsolete so we would have to spend money to replace those bottles when we had an opportunity to go for a grant to purchase all the SCBA’s complete.”

The department plans to receive their new oxygen tanks by August. And the contribution from the grant and the city total to about $104,000.



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1 Response to “Fort Scott Fire Department to receive new engines and equipment”

  1. 1 Heather March 20, 2019 at 3:35 pm

    Fort Scott has had a ½ cent sales tax for fire and police equipment for years. Recently within the last 4-5 years that acciacc has come up empty and nobody knows where the money is. The account is gone!
    The truck that they are seeking to get is a 100′ ladder truck. It has come our attention that it would not fit in the current bays available. So building new bays would be in order. Also the particular fire truck that they have picked out has had severe issues and would have troubles turning down narrow streets. The fire department nor anybody else seems to be interested in finding out the facts on the truck. We could save $1 MILLION, and be able to afford to give the fire fighters a raise if we could locate the money and buy trucks from a different location. There are fire truck dealers in Missouri that would take our trucks in on trade, once again, our city manager, mayor and special interest folks have no interest in saving taxpayer dollars!


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