Derby Fire Department was approved for new $640,000 fire engine

Photo of a similar engine

There will be a new fire engine responding to emergency calls in Derby.

The City Council approved a purchase to replace Engine 82, which officials say is reaching the end of its service life.

The new engine, made by Pierce Manufacturing of Appleton, Wis., will cost $642,620 and is being purchased through Conrad Fire Equipment. That price includes a pre-payment discount of $23,253.

There was one other bidder for the contract, Hays Fire and Rescue, for a Rosenbauer model engine. That contract’s price was higher, at $678,913.

Fire Chief Brad Smith was pleased with the process and said the new engine will be able to serve Derby residents for years.

“I was excited about what we saw tonight,” he said of the council’s approval, which came at its Jan. 22 meeting.

The price includes delivery and additional training with the new engine.

The current Engine 82, which was built in 2001, has 7,622 hours of use, which equals a car having 180,000 to 200,000 miles.

Its actual miles are in the 80,000 range, but fire officials say that is deceiving as the engine is put through much more use than driven miles. For one, when it’s at a scene, it can be running for hours, pumping water.

While there have been few major changes in the overall exterior appearance of fire engines during the past two decades, there have been shifts inside as there is now much more computerized equipment onboard, Smith said.

The city has two fire stations and two engines, one assigned to each station.

There is no reserve unit, but the current Engine 82 will now serve that purpose. Renamed Res81, it will be housed at the new Station 81 at Madison and Woodlawn. That station is replacing one at 128 W. Market.

The new engine will be assigned to Station 82, which is on 1401 N. Rock Road.

The resale value of an old fire engine, especially one that has been heavily used, is rather low, so there’s little financial benefit in trying to sell it.

It should take about 8-1/2 months to build; however, the exact time frame will depend on the manufacturer’s schedule.

The actual amount for the engine and associated equipment in the 2019 budget is $723,000. Most of the loose equipment related to it will be bid separately this year.

“Even though $723,000 was budgeted, and this engine and hose together will cost $658,229, it is too early to label this purchase as ‘under budget,’” Smith said. “We still have other equipment to purchase from this budget to complete the apparatus.”


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