KSFFA President’s Article – Jan/Feb 2019

Good day Kansas Fire Service. Hopefully you all had a good Christmas and time spent with family. The New Year brings a chance at reflection on the past year of service and potential for changes going forward. We are moving forward in to the new year with a lot of things happening around the state. I would encourage all of you to be looking ahead at what 2019 will bring and find opportunity to make improvements in your agency.
Many departments saw an increase in their calls for service over the past year. This just highlights that the Fire service is a staple item in communities and our resource needs will continue. Hopefully governing bodies will recognize this and continue to properly fund the emergency services across the state. It is our job as leaders in the fire service of the state to accurately and consistently collect that response data so we can show our elected officials our needs and justify the expenses. The most effective way to do that is through fire reports. If you are having issues with getting reports in or are having difficulty in completing reports, please make sure to contact the Office of the State Fire Marshal for assistance. They have staff who can help you report as well as help you what proper coding and other questions you may have. They also can help you gain access to the reporting software at little to no cost.
Your Executive Board has been meeting with other fire groups as well as law enforcement and EMS groups this year to try and promote legislative language to cover cancer, PTSD, and various communicable diseases. We are attempting to build a coalition of public safety that can be together on issues such as this as well as retirement issue and other public safety related issues going forward. This will be just the first year working together, but it will be beneficial to the fire service as a whole as we go forward in time. We have been hearing for years that the divide between fire service groups is our greatest barrier in the legislature. If we can get all the groups on the same page, we will be a formidable force.
Finally, your Executive Board has been working on various new curriculums to deliver at our regional schools as well as those we will be able to co deliver with other entities across the state. The much-anticipated wildfire curriculum will be nearing completion in the next few months. It is a great example of collaboration between multiple fire service entities to develop a tool for all of the Kansas Fire Service.
I will leave you this month with a reminder to try and attend one of our regional schools. We have several good ones upcoming in your area. Also, there is the SCAFFA school on March 21-24 in Topeka this year which will feature several keynote speakers as well as many new courses based on student requests from the last couple years. Many of the classes are based around hands on skills as well as some officer development courses. And I would be remiss if I did not mention our Annual Conference on April 25, 26, and 27 in Salina Kansas. If you have never been before, please consider attending. Help us conduct the business of this association for the betterment of the Kansas Fire Service. You can find information on this and all the other trainings across Kansas at www.ksffa.com. Have a safe day and see you all at a school near you!


Posted by Gwen Dorr Romine, KSFFA Webmaster
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