Wichita firefighters complete new search and rescue training

By Sara Berlinger
KSN – November 19, 2018


Firefighters have one of the most dangerous jobs, their training has to be realistic. That’s why the Wichita Fire Department created a new learning experience for all firefighters.

No, there wasn’t a trailer fire in Wichita Friday, but city firefighters got to practice for one, in a staged scenario.

“There is an adult and two children inside, unknown location.,” said one firefighter.

The training is to make sure they’re ready to navigate, during the real deal.

“Once we force that door everything that we hear that we learn, gets challenged,” said Capt. Carlos Rodriguez, Wichita Fire Department.

Firefighters have been practicing search and rescue skills inside this trailer for five weeks. The department uses theater smoke to create a realistic environment, that can test their judgment.

Teams are asked to search for people, as well as a fellow firefighter two emergencies that can happen during a fire.

“When you can’t see it adds a whole other realm of making it more difficult for us to find victims,” said Battalion Chief Kelly Ross, Wichita Fire Department.

They try and do hands-on training several times a year, but with the winter months approaching, they say these exercises are important to do.

“As the cold season approaches, sometimes we do see a spike in fires and we want to make sure that our members are current with their search training,” said Ross.

Members also want to let citizens know, they are ready for the call.

“We want our neighbors to go to bed resting thinking god forbid something bad happens, you have us,” said Rodriguez.

This is the last group to go through the training this time around but they say this prop will definitely be used again in the future.


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