Wichita firefighters rappel down Wesley for the kids

KSN – November 16, 2018


If you were driving near Wesley in Wichita on Thursday, you may have noticed some heroic people rappelling down the side of Wesley Thursday afternoon.

Why, you may ask?

It was all part of an initiative to bring a little light into the lives of children in Wesley’s cancer unit.

“We came down to rappel for the kids here at Wesley that are being treated for cancer,” said Corey Lies, Wichita firefighter. “We’re here to just give them a little joy and hopefully bring some smiles to their faces.”

Don’t worry though, these firefighter aren’t rookies when it comes to rappelling down Wesley.

“This is something that we practice on all the time, it seems pretty complicated, but once you do it enough it just becomes second nature and it’s pretty easy for us to do,” explained Lies.

The group said they were happy the weather worked out, and they didn’t have to cancel due to snow.

“The stars aligned,” said Lies. “It was pretty awesome.”


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