Fire damages laundromat

By Gale Rose
Pratt Tribune – November 14, 2018

Photos by Elaine Ray

A dryer fire caused fire and smoke damage to the 1st Street Laundromat Wednesday morning.

Pratt Fire Chief Dave Kramer said flames from the overheated dryer got into the ceiling and burned the back side of the dryer.

“There was a lot of heat and smoke damage. The plastic lenses on the light fixtures were melted and the dryer was destroyed,” Kramer said.

When firefighters arrived shortly after 8 a.m. there was thick, black smoke coming out of the building. The fire was very hot but confined to the dryer and ceiling immediately above. The fire was inside the dryer drum and burned some towels. The fire was so hot, it melted a ladder sitting behind the dryer.

Smoke from the fire got into the Nex Tech Wireless office and the Shelter Insurance office that share the building with the laundromat.

Pratt firefighters placed fans in the businesses to help clear the smoke, Kramer said.

Fire fighters had the fire knocked down in about five minutes but were on site for about an hour, ventilating the building. Both the gas and electric were shut off to the building for safety. Repairs were immediately under way. The business is closed during repairs and no specific time or date has been set but a sign on the door says “soon.”

No one was injured in the fire.


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