Program outfits Osawatomie homes with new smoke alarms

By Doug Carder
Miami County Republic – November 7, 2018

Photo by Osawatomie Fire Department

The Osawatomie Volunteer Fire Department and OZFD Wives and Family group recently installed 50 smoke detectors in 13 Osawatomie homes – including a half dozen that had no detectors at all.

The Oct. 28 effort was made possible by the American Red Cross Sound the Alarm program, Osawatomie Fire Chief Brian Love said.

“It’s the first time we’ve done that program,” Love said. “I was real pleased with the results.”

In the past, the fire department has distributed smoke alarms donated by the Kansas State Fire Marshal’s Office. Love said he likes the Red Cross program because it requires firefighters to install the alarms.

“We handed out the smoke alarms (provided by the state fire marshal) in boxes,” Love said. “The Red Cross program provides the alarms on the condition that firefighters install them, which we like, because there’s no guarantee when you hand someone a smoke alarm in a box that it will actually get installed.”

Loree Love, Red Cross volunteer, said she learned about the Sound the Alarm program three or four months ago during a presentation in Ottawa, she said.

“I wanted to bring that program back to Miami County,” she said.

The husband-and-wife team’s goal of getting smoke alarms to Osawatomie residents was realized when a baker’s dozen signed up for the installation, the Loves said.

“Sometimes it’s difficult to allow a stranger to come into your home, and we really appreciate everyone who opened their homes to us,” Loree Love said. “We had six houses that did not have smoke alarms, which was surprising.”

The American Red Cross recently announced the Sound the Alarm 2018 campaign has led to 122,259 smoke alarms being installed nationwide. The program was established in 2014.

In Osawatomie and the surrounding area, smoke detectors were made available to all residents who are served by the Osawatomie Volunteer Fire Department.

The Loves said this first installation through the Sound the Alarm program was not a one-time project.

“We’re going to be continuing that program, and our plan right now is to do it every six months,” Chief Love said.


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