Galena Fire Department Host to Different Halloween Tradition

By Austin Hyslip
Fourstates News – November 2, 2018

Most Halloween traditions revolve around knocking on doors and counting who got the most candy.

In Galena, the fire department has a much different idea.

For more than 30 years the volunteer based department has been host to thousands of kids.

Soda, popcorn and candy as well as big red fire trucks and bunker gear add to the experience.

Wednesday the department was host to more than 780 kids.

With funding from Galena Days, fire fighters spend a few hundred dollars on supplies and invite the kids in.

It all started when the Galena Fire Department thought kids might be thirsty and hot, or on a night like Wednesday, they might be cold and probably a little wet from rain.

Fire Chief Bill Hall says it’s just one of the many ways the department gives back to the community, and the kids never forget getting to spend some time next to those big red trucks.

“The kids are worth any amount of money it costs to put this thing on, the little guys will always remember going to the fire station,” Hall says.


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