Fire department conducts training exercise

By Melissa Lowery
Emporia Gazette – October 29, 2018

Photo by Melissa Lowery

Part of Mechanic Street was shut down on Sunday morning while the Emporia Fire and Rescue squads conducted training maneuvers in a condemned house.

The house, located on the 900 block of Mechanic Street, is set to be razed soon. This presented an opportunity for the fire department to hold a training session in a residential setting versus the training tower at Fire Station No. 2.

“When we have a condemned structure, we like to use it for training,” said Battalion Chief Rich Gould who was overseeing the operation. “We don’t get the opportunity to pull out the ladders and hoses very often, and you can only conduct so many scenarios at the tower.”

A ladder stretched from one of the fire trucks into the third-story window of the house as firefighters and EMT’s gathered for the training mission.

Gould said they could not actually start a fire in the structure due to regulations around training missions, but would use a smoke machine and other techniques to simulate smoke and low visibility.

The training is an opportunity for Emporia Fire and Rescue to stay up to date on skills and department protocol, and a chance for new people to learn how Emporia’s emergency response teams work together.

“We have some newer people coming into the department, so this is a good way to reinforce policy and show the new people how we do things,” Gould said.


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