Stop, drop and roll

By Russell Edem
Great Bend Tribune – October 11, 2018

Photo by Russell Edem

It was all about fire safety on Wednesday as the Great Bend Fire Department put on a skit for the students of Lincoln Elementary School. This was part of Fire Prevention Week, where firefighters visit schools in Great Bend.

“It changes every three years on what type of event we put on for the children. This year is the skit,” Battalion Chief Eugene Perkins said. “It is a lot of fun and the children learn a lot about fire safety. We really enjoy teaching the children about fire safety.”

This year’s skit is about a villain, a grandpa and a grandma. The couple takes a nap and the villain enters the home and throws away the battery to the smoke detector. Then he stages areas in the house by overloading an electrical outlet and by putting paper towels across the stove in hopes to spark a fire. A fire starts and he escapes. The fire department is called to put out the fire, and luckily Sparky catches the villain for a happy ending.


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