MFD stops for slushees, ends up saving kittens

KSNT – September 10, 2018

Photos by Alexa Frisbie

Alexa Frisbie and her roommate Teyha Enoch went to Sonic on Sunday afternoon and heard meowing coming from their car.

When they realized where it was coming from, Enoch found one kitten and was able to get it out. However a second kitten wouldn’t come out, and then they couldn’t even see the other anymore.

At the same time, Frisbie says a Manhattan Fire Truck pulled into Sonic and they asked the firefighters to help.

The crew stepped in and were able to find the other kitten that they couldn’t see.

Frisbie and Enoch took the kittens back to their apartment and ended up finding a third cat in the car. The kittens are now safe and the Frisbie and Enoch are planning on working with animal control to find the mom of the cats. They also say they plan to take the kittens to the animal shelter on Monday.

The Manhattan Fire Department responded on Twitter:

“Quint 3’s crew extricated a scared little kitten from the engine compartment of the car. She was happy to be out and reunited with her sister #CatWhisperers #WeSpeakFeline


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