Fallen 9/11 firefighters honored in Wichita ceremony

By Sara Berlinger
KSN – September 10, 2018


It’s almost 17 years since the tragic terrorist attacks on September 11th. And every year, we remember the people who lost their lives in the attacks, including the first responders.

A local tradition does just that, for the firefighters.

More than two hundred firefighters made their way inside the Epic Center in downtown Wichita. Their mission? To remember the fallen and step in their shoes.

“You kind of get a feel for the challenge the physical challenge and the team work that was required to have those firefighters ascend the towers,” said Mark Misek, Wichita Fire Department.

Participants climbed the equivalent of 110 floors, to represent the height of the former World Trade Center Twin Towers. Each climber honored the 343 firefighters who died by wearing their pictures and names.

“This is my fourth year climbing for Battalion Chief Williamson, did a lot of research and know about his family and what he was about, and just think about that when I’m climbing and try to honor him,” said Justin Turner, Olathe Fire Department.

The fourth Wichita Stair Climb had firefighters from across Kansas, Oklahoma, and even as far as Colorado. It takes roughly two hours and hard work to complete, but firefighters say the journey is worth it.

“Those guys went up the building they didn’t have the chance to think about it and so it’s just a nice way to honor them,” said Turner.


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