Miltonvale EMS Service Receives Volunteer Service of the Year Award

North Central Kansas News – August 17, 2018

Miltonvale EMS was the recipient of the 2018 Volunteer Service of the Year Award from the Kansas Emergency Medical Services Association (KEMSA). The “Honoring Our Own” awards banquet took place on Saturday, August 11, 2018 at 7:00 pm at the Kansas Star Event Center in Mulvane, Kan. during the annual KEMSA Conference & Expo.

Miltonvale EMS is a city-based EMS service that provides BLS prehospital care with volunteers to the citizens of the city of Miltonvale in Cloud County. The service responded to 57 emergency calls in 2017 with two ambulances.

Miltonvale EMS provides service in Cloud County along with Concordia Fire/EMS and Clyde. Recently, the agency has made some great strides in prehospital care/protocol development, medical community involvement, EMS system/program upgrade, and public education projects.

Miltonvale EMS was nominated for this award because of its proactive approach to emergency patient care in their community and its ability to improve relationships with surrounding hospitals. In addition, they continue to advance their training and improve their capabilities by purchasing new equipment. The nomination praised the care they provide their patients and how they are always looking to improve.

When looking at innovations in prehospital care, you can congratulate Miltonvale EMS on being awarded the Dane Hanson Grant in April 2018 for $30,000 that helped them buy a new Zoll X series monitor that will be used on their first out unit. For a super rural, BLS, volunteer agency, this grant was very much appreciated and deserved. As for protocols, Concordia, Clyde and Miltonvale worked hand in hand to develop protocols that would work for everyone, so that the smaller services of Miltonvale and Clyde could focus more on patient care and less on the administrative portion of protocols.

Since Miltonvale doesn’t have a hospital, the surrounding medical communities are very important to the agency along with strengthening those relationships. Thus, Miltonvale has a fantastic relationship with the receiving facilities and asks the hospitals for ways they can improve their pre-hospital patient care.

Recently, Miltonvale was able to improve staff morale and make the agency more efficient by implementing a new staff structure. They added internal positions of secretary, maintenance supervisor and program manager to take some of the responsibilities off the EMS director and encourage others to be involved. This has also helped with recruitment and retention as the staff are more active in the agency and are working to recruit new people as well.

As for public education, Miltonvale recently developed a facebook page in order to make themselves be more in front of the public. This has given them an opportunity to share what good things are happening in their agency to the public, what they are doing to make the public more comfortable, and let’s the public get to know who they are and what exactly they do.

This award recognizes a volunteer (or combination of paid/volunteer) EMS system that exemplifies outstanding professionalism and service to the community it serves. This award honors agencies for their dedication, teamwork, and commitment to EMS.

KEMSA is a non-profit organization dedicated to the improvement of EMS in Kansas. KEMSA has members throughout Kansas and in surrounding states at every level of EMS. KEMSA was formed in 1996 after members from several EMS factions decided to unite to have a single voice for EMS in Kansas. Learn more at


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