Halstead Fire offers free address markers

By Patricia Middleton
Newton Kansan – August 16, 2018

Photo by Patricia Middleton

The Halstead Fire Department recently announced it would be giving away address markers free of charge to area residents.

Halstead Fire Chief Jim VanShaick said the markers make it easier for first responders to identify a home — especially in rural areas — when they are called out.

“They’re numerical signs that you can hang on the side of your mailbox that are reflective,” VanShaick said.

The double-sided markers come with pre-drilled holes so homeowners can easily attach them to a mailbox pole.

Having the address markers visible from the street makes it easier for emergency crews to locate houses as they drive by.

“You don’t think about it until you have three or four homes on a mile stretch and sometimes it’s kind of hard to identify which home to go to,” VanShaick said. “These signs help with that.”

Given the large area the Halstead Fire Department covers, being able to determine which driveway to enter in case of an emergency is crucial — not only inside city limits, but outside, as well.

“With auto responses, we go to Burrton, Moundridge and Newton also,” VanShaick said.

Address markers will be available for a few months and then in the fall the department will focus on getting smoke detectors to those who need them, VanShaick added.


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