Fire dept. to acquire new pumper truck

By Jeff Gulley
Ottawa Herald – August 7, 2018

Photo by City of Ottawa

The Ottawa Fire Department expects delivery of its new pumper truck possibly as soon as next week. Fire Chief Tim Mathias said there will be more work to be done and equipment added after it arrives and the fire department staff will need to be trained. He told Ottawa city commissioners he expects the truck to be in service by the first of October.

Mathias and a group of fire department staff traveled to Appleton, Wisconsin, and visited Pierce Manufacturing where the truck is being built.

“There are over 400 completed trucks there,” he said. “If you’re a kid that likes fire trucks Appleton, Wisconsin, is the place to go.”

The commission voted to approve the purchase of the new truck earlier this year at its May 5 meeting. The city last purchased a pumper truck 17 years ago, according to Mathias. The new truck was purchased for $633,650.

Mathias told the commission that when they inspected the truck, there were a few things that needed to be added or changed.

“We did a final inspection that took us three days,” He said. “When this truck is built, we are given a core group of mechanics and body work folks and painters. They work strictly with the Ottawa Fire Department. We had some issues with it. They worked through it.”

Mathias said this was the first time he has been involved in the purchase of a fire truck.

He added the truck will have a slightly different look from the current trucks. The new truck will have a new design on the front door to better identify the truck is from Ottawa, Kansas. The truck is also a new style for the department. There are a lot more compartments. There is more room for additional equipment. There is also a 20 foot light tower on the top of the vehicle.

Mathias said the fire department is planning an open house and at that time there will be a blessing of the new truck. He told the council that during the event there will also be a ceremony to honor the truck it is replacing.

“It’s been a good truck for us and we will say goodbye,” he said.


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