Flames engulf trailer hauling fireworks in Kinsley

KWCH – July 17, 2018

A trailer fire lit up part of a quiet street in the Edwards County town of Kinsley Saturday night, following a fireworks show and festival in Spearville.

Troy Sidebottom, the owner of an auto body shop in Kinsley caught footage of the fire on his business’ surveillance camera.

The video Sidebottom shared accompanied the following explanation for what happened:

When Saturday night’s show ended, workers loaded spent fireworks into a trailer along with some live fireworks. It appears hot embers ignited the unused fireworks. The approximate three minute, 10 second video shows smoke billowing from the trailer, followed by visible flames.

By about two minutes into the video, the trailer is engulfed in flames. Men in the pickup pulling the trailer unhitched it from the truck before this point. The fire did not spread to any vehicles nor structures and no one was injured.


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