Firefighters try and beat the heat, stay hydrated

By John Asebes
KSN – July 16, 2018


The summer sizzle is on.

Temperatures are inching closer to the century mark but add in the humidity and it already feels like triple digits out there.

While most of us can enjoy the air conditioning, some can’t.

Whether it’s the heat of the sun, the heat of an engine, or the heat of the moment, firefighters feel the burn.

“There are many times unfortunately when we will work ourselves to where we almost drop,” says Deputy Fire Chief Stuart Bevis.

Squad one knows what to do after a long hot day. Hit up the hydration station and pound that h20.

“Once you start on a call there is usually a downhill road on your dehydration, your overheating and things like that and only preparation before hand can try to protect us,” says Bevis.

Before hand means before the each shift.

“Most crews start hydrating before they even come to work,” says Bevis.

Because once the call goes out they are locked in.

“Not until a situation is under control usually are we able to stop and rehydrate,” explains Bevis.

On three calls within an hour and a half Squad One was busy running around assessing damage, calming patients and just baking on the hot asphalt.

“They look like they been doused by a fire hose,” says Bevis. “We just build up a lot of heat. We tend to sweat quite and bit and lose a lot of fluids during our activities.”

One firefighter this week suffered from heat exhaustion after a house fire. Chief Bevis says he probably wasn’t hydrated. That fire was at night. He says they do even more to keep firefighters hydrated all times of the day.

“On all of our structure fires we do have our rehab unit out of Station 7 that comes out to try and assist on rehab,” explains Bevis.


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