Selden gets ‘new’ fire truck

By Judy Rogers
Colby Free Press – July 6, 2018
Submitted by Newz Group – July 13, 2018

The Sheridan County Fire Department initiated a new-to-them fire truck during its regular monthly meeting in June. The truck, which was purchased from Norton County, replaces an older truck in service at Selden.

Firefighters spent the evening switching supplies and equipment from the old truck to the new truck, then pushed the truck into the firehouse.

Selden fireman Micah Goscha, said it is a tradition to push new fire trucks into the firehouse the first time. “As most of us know, early hand drawn fire engines, ladder wagons, hose carts, and so on had to be pushed back into the station by hand,” said Goscha. “The horse drawn steam engines that followed could be backed up by the engineers, but it was difficult to align the steam connections on the engine with those in the station, so the horses were disconnected and the steamers were also often pushed back into the station by hand.”

“All of this backing in by hand became moot when the self-propelled motorized engines went into service; but the fire service is deep into tradition, and some companies make every effort to honor and pay homage to past and the old time members that had to push their engines into the station by hand and pushing the new ones into the station at all wet downs,” continued Goscha. “While doing this honors the old and former members–it is also intended to display unity among the current members.”

“We appreciate the efforts of training officer Steve Hirsch in obtaining this truck for us,” said Selden Fire Chief Steve Rogers. “We also appreciate the help of all the volunteers who assisted in the transition.”


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