Firefighters could get new tanker

By Dayna Mannebach
Oberlin Herald – July 4, 2018
Submitted by Newz Group – July 13, 2018

Fire Chief Bill Cathcart told Decatur County commissioners last Tuesday he was looking into the possibility of buying a used military tanker suggested by Red Willow Western Rural Fire Chief Bill Elliot.

Mr. Cathcart said Mr. Elliot told him they have three of the “heavy expanded mobility Tactical Truck A4” fuel serving trucks from Oshkosh Defense with 2,500-gallon tanks. The trucks are 35 feet long, eight-wheel drive and cost from $4,000 to $8,000, he said.

“The problem is how to park it at the barn,” Mr. Cathcart said, “and another drawback is the remote nozzles, which is one of the things we have to put on once we convert it to water instead of fuel.”

The commissioners said it would be fine with them to get one.

Mr. Cathcart also reported that he had talked to Director Sharleen Wurm at the Last Indian Raid Museum about putting up a building some day to simulate an old-time fire station to store the 1928 fire truck, the first motorized fire engine purchase in Oberlin, and a 1957 fire truck. He said they’re ready to be put away.


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