Cops 1; firefighters 0

By Michael Stavola
Hutchinson News – July 11, 2018


The Twitter battle between the Hutchinson Fire Department and the Reno County Sheriff’s Office took a turn for the worst on Tuesday, the HFD stated.

The sheriff’s office won and they wasted no time heckling each other outside of the Law Enforcement Center for the promised high-five to the winner. The underdog sheriff’s office was down nearly 200 followers when they issued the challenge via Twitter on Friday to see who could make it to 1,000 followers first.

“There’s great speculation that there is probably some foul play,” HFD deputy chief Doug Hanen said.

Detective David Post said Capt. Darrian Campbell returned from the FBI National Academy in June eager to improve the sheriff’s office Twitter account. Campbell had taken a media class while at the national academy in Virginia.

However, Post had been the mastermind behind the challenge and the mudslinging, which included a tweet with a K-9 exercising on a treadmill alongside a dalmatian (depicted as a fire dog) just using a back leg to turn the treadmill belt.

“The whole idea was to grow both pages and both pages grew so it did what it was supposed to do. We didn’t have to say we lost to any firefighters,” Post said. “We did not cheat. We did not buy followers.”

Shortly after making the challenge on Friday, the sheriff’s office had 480-something followers to the HFD’s 670-plus followers.

Post said the tweet about winning a challenge coin had over 26,000 views. He thought the Tweet propelled them toward the win.

He was out in the grassy area in front of the LEC when a firefighter in a blown-up outfit of a firefighter named Lloyd jumped out to give a high-five. But first Lloyd did a little dance.

“You guys gonna squirt us with your water truck,” Post said just before Lloyd arrived in a fire truck.

Fire Investigator Tony Arpin responded: “You allergic to water?”

During the competition, HFD tweeted a picture of a firefighter putting out a fire at a Dunkin Donuts with the caption: “PD was thankful.”

Hanen said they were planning to initiate a lip-sync battle on Tuesday, but it was too late.

“It was the fourth quarter and we were down,” he said. “It was a Hail Mary.”

Hanen said they had other ideas. Post said the same, but wouldn’t divulge what the ideas were.

They both plan to save the ideas for the next competition.

First responders said the additional Twitter followers would help them to communicate messages faster.

The sheriff’s office Twitter account is @RenoCoSheriff (They get to go first since they won) and the HFD account is @Hutchinson_Fire.

The sheriff’s office now set its sights on overtaking the Hutchinson Police Department which has over 4,000 followers.


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