July 2018 KSFFA Presidents Article

Good Day Kansas Fire Service.

Summer has arrived in Kansas.   Hopefully all of you are taking precautions while operating in this heat.  It is a good reminder that we need to take a look at how we operate on fires in the summer time.  We need to review our guidelines on how we rehab our folks at the fire scene.  Make sure you have a means to provide some drinking water, shade, and some medical oversight for them.    Also important is to review our response models.  Do we need to ask for more help sooner on those days it is extremely hot out?  Do we need to make sure an EMS unit is being sent with us on any fire incidents?   Take the time to preplan those things out so we have a smooth response in the summer weather.

Other things happening across the state.   The much anticipated wildfire report is out.  I would highly encourage you to read the report.  http://www.kansasforests.org/fire_management/fire_docs/Final_Report.pdf   Give any of the executive board members your feedback on it.  We are working to meet with those involved and discuss the report and hopefully clear up several misconceptions about the Kansas fire service that were presented in the testimony.  It is our intent as an association to work with all the groups involved to develop a truly progressive system for the State of Kansas that benefits all the local responders.  All the incidents start local and end local.  That is where the majority of the assets should be focused at.

The Fire Marshal’s office was approved for their grant for the 2018-2019 fiscal year.  Make sure to go to https://firemarshal.ks.gov/agencyresources/kfrsg to apply.  This is a no match grant program that will help with purchasing a gear extractor, wildland gear, structural gear, developing a junior firefighter program, and physicals for department members.   All these are important things and the money is available for the no match.  Take the time to apply today.

Finally, remember high school sports will be starting up soon.  Take the time to review your protocols on sports injuries and how you interact with any medical staff while doing standbys at high school activities.  It is about giving the best care possible to our student athletes.   Stay safe and we will see you all at a regional school soon!

KSFFA President, Kevin Flory


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