Fundraiser for First Responders

By Zachary Dodge
KOAM – July 6, 2018


Mental health among first responders is the focus of a fundraiser in Southeast Kansas.

Post traumatic stress is something that is commonly associated with military veterans. But one organization is working with first responders who experience similar problems.

Eric Seabolt has been with the Colony, Kansas Fire Department since 1992.

During that time, he’s seen more than his fair share of tragic events.

Eric Seabolt, Colony Fire Department Chief: “We’re there anytime someone calls in need of help, but we struggle too.”

But in 2015.. something happened that pushed him.. and many in his department.. to the breaking point.

Seabolt: “We had a fireman on our fire department that committed suicide. I don’t know that anyone had any idea.”

That’s when Seabolt turned to the 10-33 Foundation.
10-33 is a national organization that helps first responders deal with the stresses they face.

Trace Goodwin, Lil’ Toledo Hunting Lodge:”I’ve always heard about the military, I’ve always heard about the struggles that they face and the PTSD and things like that, but I’ve never thought about the first responders and the struggles that they face.”

That’s why Lil’ Toledo Hunting Lodge in Chanute is holding a raffle for an all expenses paid hunting trip to benefit the foundation.

Goodwin:”It’s great to know that there’s an organization that’s here helping these first responders. And so, to know that we’re just bringing awareness to this cause, is a big thing for us.”

Seabolt says part of what make 10-33 unique is the fact that it’s first responders helping other first responders.

Seabolt:”For me, it’s the fact that you know you have somebody that you can talk to, and you’re talking to a peer. Just having that in the back of your mind that, okay if i have issues with this, i know who I’m gonna go talk to.”

And now.. having that understanding when he needed it.. has inspired Seabolt to council other responders like himself.

Entries for the raffle can be made here until August 31st.

For more information on 10-33, just follow the link below.

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