High winds cause power outages, safety concerns in Hutchinson

KWCH – June 19, 2018

The strong winds didn’t last long, but they made their presence known on Hutchinson’s north side.

The Hutchinson Fire Department says problems began before 6 p.m., when crews responded to down power lines and power pole fires in north central Hutchinson.

A little before 6:10 p.m., fire crews responded to a structure fire in the 400 block of East 43rd.

“Crews were faced with storm damage that lead to many difficulties,” the Hutch Fire Department says. “All the high voltage power poles along 43rd from Monroe to Plum had been blown over blocking access to the structure involved.”

The fire department says power poles fell onto a home and one of the lines arced through the house, igniting a fire. Crews put this fire out quickly, the Hutch FD says, but “while all this was happening, the homeowner was found inside her car in the driveway under the high-voltage power lines.”

The woman wasn’t hurt and was able to stay safe in her vehicle as Westar crews cleared the area near her so fire crews could help her safely out of the car.

Due to the down power lines, the Hutchinson FD says the north side of the intersection of 43rd and Plum will stay blocked for up to three days.

The fire department reminds people not to approach a downed power line and if you approach an intersection with the stop lights not working, treat it like a four-way stop.


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