Water Rescue Training in Wilson County

By Jeremiah Cook
Four States News – June 11, 2018


Fire fighters from across the Sunflower State spend their weekend in water, getting ready to save a life.

The Neodesha Fire Department hosted a swift water rescue class this weekend. Sunday, fire fighters from Lawrence, Parsons, Neodesha and El Dorado worked at Middle Dam on the Fall River, practicing rescue techniques. The dam has been the sight of nearly a dozen drownings in the last 100 years, and Neodesha Fire Chief Duane Banzet says knowing the history of the river made some of the firefighters nervous at first.

“Quite frankly, he didn’t want to get into the river,” Banzet says. “Local boy, grew up here, knows the history of this place, and didn’t want to get in there, and you’ll see in the video that he was one of the guys out there putting the boat right in the dam, and he’s got a total different outlook on it.”

The boat used in Sunday’s training was purchased for the Neodesha Fire Department by the family of 22 year old Joshua Beye, who died at Middle Dam in June of 2002. The boat is specially designed for rescues like the ones the fire fighters were practicing Sunday.


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