Coffeyville Resources donates ladder truck to rural fire department

By Andy Taylor
Montgomery County Chronicle – May 17, 2018
Submitted by Newz Group – June 8, 2018

Additional fire protection will come to the Independence division of the Montgomery County Rural Fire Department.

Montgomery County commissioners on Monday agreed to accept the donation of an aerial boom firetruck from Coffeyville Resources. The rural fire department’s Independence division will use the donated vehicle to provide fire protection to Independence Community College’s dormitories and other high-rise structures within the rural fire department’s service area.

Currently, the Independence division is the first-response fire service to the ICC campus. The rural division does not have any aerial or ladder firetrucks. As a result, the Independence rural area is listed as “highly vulnerable” according to the county’s emergency operations vulnerability analysis, said Rick Whitson, rural fire chief and county emergency management coordinator.

The aerial truck, which has a boom that can lift firefighters to third-story levels, will enhance the fire suppression resources offered by the Independence division, he said.

He added that Coffeyville Resources had already spent $120,000 of its own money to rehabilitate the fire truck. Coffeyville Resources will officially donate the truck once a new fire truck it is acquiring to replace the older one has been delivered to the Coffeyville refinery.

Because of the size of the donated aerial truck, the Independence division will have to undergo a structural expansion to its station at 25th and Myrtle streets. The station was already targeted for an expansion before the donated aerial truck became available, Whitson said. He said he and county clerk Charlotte Scott-Schmidt had pored over the rural fire department’s budget and found enough money to pay for an expansion without it requiring additional tax dollars. He estimated that the expanded facility would cost about $40,000.

Whitson noted that the donation of the fire truck from Coffeyville Resources was the first of several partnerships that he hopes Montgomery County will undertake with the Coffeyville based refinery. He said another partnership that will occur soon is the donation of an unused grass/wildfire fire truck from the rural fire department to Coffeyville Resources. The grass/wildfire truck will be used to haul Coffeyville Resources workers to fire scenes whenever mutual assistance is requested.

Coffeyville Resources has agreed to maintenance the vehcile and insure it, Whitson said.


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