County Commission authorizes seeking bids for Buhler fire station remodel

By John Green
Hutchinson News – June 6, 2018

The Reno County Commission Tuesday approved seeking bids to remodel a fire station in Buhler and authorized the sale of temporary notes to fund the estimated $320,000 project.

The commission in March approved the expansion of the fire station serving Reno / Harvey Joint Fire District 2, adding a second story to the existing office space and making some modifications in the seven-bay station to move a training space and accommodate larger trucks.

The work includes handicap accessible restrooms that can serve as storm shelters, converting the ground floor of the offices into the training room and adding lockable offices on the second floor.

The fire district agreed to spend $100,000 from its equipment fund to bring the share of the project covered by bonds down.

The original engineers estimate for construction was just under $319,000. To that, officials added costs for selling general obligation bonds to the estimate, setting a bond cap at $345,000 for legal and public notices on the project.

There were no legal protests to the plan, so now the fire district can take the next step in the development, County Administrator Gary Meagher advised the commission.

“If there’s agreement, we can request bids. It will take about three weeks to get those back,” Meagher said. “By the time we get a contractor identified and mobilized, construction will likely not occur until Aug. 1. It’s a four- to five-month project.”

The county will finance the temporary notes itself, Meagher said. If the project progresses on time, it should be completed by December, allowing the county to sell 15-year bonds to pay off the temporary notes before the end of the year.

First National Bank has agreed to buy the bonds, though a final interest rate has not been set.


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