Soldier Township Fire Department adds two new firetrucks to the station

By Molly Patt
KSNT – June 4, 2018


Local firefighters are getting some brand new rides, to better serve their community.

Firefighters with the Soldier Township Fire Department added two new trucks to their fleet.

The department said the more up-to-date trucks will help them reach some of the areas further north in Shawnee County more easily when danger strikes.

“They’ve got a lot of features the other trucks don’t, which is gonna be helpful not only to us, but the patrons of our area,” interim chief Graig Brummer said. “And so it’s gonna take a little while to get everything shifted over and come up to speed and make sure everyone is comfortable with the new trucks.”

The department said the two trucks cost just over a million dollars altogether. Although tax dollars helped cover some of that price tag, Brummer said the department has also been saving up and will be making payments to cover the rest.


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