Lightning blamed for fire that claimed 15 tank batteries

By Jonathan Zweygardt
Hays Post – May 30, 2018

Photo by Bill Ring

Lightning is being blamed for a tank battery fire that occurred Tuesday northwest of Hays.

According to Ellis County Fire Chief Darin Myers, just after 5 p.m. fire crews were called to the 2700 block of Yocemento for tank batteries on fire.

Myers said individuals close to the scene reported the fire started from a lightning strike.

He also said after evaluating the scene speaking with the owner, it was determined that the fire was too dangerous for firefighters to approach and put the fire out.

There were approximately 15 different tanks involved in the fire causing multiple explosions throughout the evening. The fire was contained to the tank batteries inside the protective berm.

Fire crews stayed on scene for several hours to monitor the fire and Ellis County Sheriff deputies also kept an eye on it overnight, according to Myers.

Fourteen firefighters responded to the scene from Ellis and Hays.

Ellis County Director of Public Works Bill Ring said Wednesday morning that the column of smoke, combined with the storm moving through the area, prompted several reports of a tornado. Smoke could be seen as far away as Norton, he added.


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