Local firefighter wins Helping Hand award

KNSS – May 29, 2018

Back when firefighters used horses to pull their equipment, dalmatians used their strong bonds with horses to run in front, clear a path and guide the horses to fires.

Potwin Fire Chief Heath Austin uses a dalmatian named Tory for another reason: to teach children fire prevention safety. Unfortunately, Tory tore her ACL a few months’ ago.

Austin was able to raise enough money to have her ACL surgically repaired with the help of donations, but the costs are still piling up to get his beloved dalmatian back to full strength. On Friday, KWCH and DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers gave him $1200 as part of a Helping Hand award to help him continue Tory’s rehabilitation, because they believe that Tory’s and his work with children is very important.


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