Brown Joins Fire District #3

Rose Hill Reporter – May 3, 2018
Submitted by Newz Group – May 23, 2018

There is a new face under Fire Helmet 313 at Butler County Fire District #3 and that would be Joe Brown. He holds one of the five full-time positions at the station and replaces former firefighter Dan Harshbarger.

Brown came on board in March as a rookie having never been a firefighter before. “I am very grateful to Fire Chief Jim Woydziak for taking a chance with me,” said Brown.

He was literally baptized in fire on his first day. “I had only been in the station for two minutes when a fire dispatch came in. They suited me up in short order and I jumped on board and away I went to my first house fire,” said Brown. His most harrowing experience during his short tenure was rolling up on a suicide after it happened.

He may be new to firefighting but he is not inexperienced. Brown was an active duty E5 Staff Sergeant in the United States Air Force and saw two tours of duty in Afghanistan. He was also in the Kansas Air National Guard for the last three years.

Firefighting was chosen as his new career because he wanted to be in a position to help people and he wanted it to involve a uniform. To Brown, the uniform symbolizes a trusted individual who can be relied on to act in any situation for the good of the people. He is also an emergency medical technician.

The best thing about the job for Brown is the personnel. “They are a good group of people to work with, we are a family here and I like that comradery,” said Brown. “I am 100 percent dedicated to firefighting.”

Brown lives in Wichita with his wife Ashley, two cats and a rabbit. In his leisure time he is at the gym, does a little video gaming and enjoys a good movie.


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