WPD officer helps women who caught fire at restaurant

KWCH – May 14, 2018


New video shows the moment a woman runs out of a local Mexican restaurant on fire.

Judy Dizazzo with the church across the street says she was watching a movie when she heard some commotion.

“Later when I rolled back on the security footage i could clearly see, the woman, the first woman had come running out of the restaurant running and she was completely on fire.”

The church has thirty one security cameras surrounding its building.

The director here says they catch everything and one of them just happened to be pointing right at the restaurant.

“Police came, surrounded and they took her to the hospital by ambulance, a few minutes later they brought out another individual that was wrapped in a white sheet.”

Investigators say an officer was working in the area and saw the woman on fire.

Police say the woman told the officer her sister was also inside on fire.
The officer then tries to get into the building, but the doors are locked.

He then broke in through the glass front door and saved the other woman, using only his hands.

The women’s family says in their eyes, the officer is an angel and no words can explain how grateful they are for saving their lives.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to them and the family and everyone involved… i cant imagine how scary that must have been.”

The officer only has minor injuries but the women were taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

Investigators have not said what caused the women to catch on fire.


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