Investigation Underway After 3 Fires Started In Kansas Building

News on Six – May 14, 2018

An investigation is underway at a building in Independence, Kansas, that has been hit by fires on three separate occasions.

According to a Facebook post (below) by the Montgomery County Chronicle, firefighters responded to the Independence Corporate Office Monday morning after a fire in a trash can.

The Chronicle said it was “the third time in two weeks fire was discovered in the building.” They said the building was also hit twice between May 4 and 7 on the fifth floor.

Due to Monday’s fire, office personnel are not allowed back inside until an investigation is complete.



Independence city firefighters are at the scene of the Independence Corporate Office building this morning (Monday) after fire was discovered in a trash can.

This marks the third time in two weeks that fire has been discovered in the building.

Tim Janak, facility owner, confirmed that fire was found in trash can in the building, which caused a light amount of smoke. As a result, an evacuation of the building has taken place.

As a result of Monday’s fire, office personnel throughout the building are not permitted back into the building until an investigation is complete.

Between May 4-7, the office building was hit twice with fires on the fifth floor, which Janak confirmed was set by an arsonist.

“There is no doubt in talking about to everyone involved that it was arson,” said Janak about the two previous fires.

Speaking at the Montgomery County Commission meeting on Monday, Janak expressed exasperation as to the spate of fires in the office building.

“I’m at a total loss to explain why this is happening,” he said.


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