Taldo retires after 40 years

By Karen Duncan
Dighton Herald – April 4, 2018
Submitted by Newz Group – May 2, 2018

Bill Taldo became a fixture in Healy and the Lane County Community after he married his blushing bride, Margaret Shay, and moved to her hometown in 1972. His first job upon moving to Healy was working for the Healy Co-op spending time in all departments. During that time Taldo was an EMT, Certified Paramedic, member of the Fire Department and a Safety Officer for the Fire Department.

In 1981 he went to work for the Finney County EMS Department and St. Catherine Hospital. He spent 16 years there working alternating 24-hour shifts, all the while commuting from Healy and contributing to his community by serving on different Lane County Boards.

Taldo has served Lane County on the Lane County Hospital Board for 12 years; Diamond View Estates, 12 years; Healy School Board, 12 years; Lane County Health Foundation, 2006 and is still serving; Southwestern Kansas EMS (SKEMS) as a board member for 20 years; Zoning Administration, current. He also taught EMT classes, First Responder classes, and Paramedic classes.

Bill and Margaret have two boys, Thomas and Chad. Both have families; live in Olathe, Kansas and work for Ottawa University. Margaret has worked for the USD #468 and is currently in charge of the preschool.

In 1997 Taldo gave up the commute and began work for Sharp Brothers. December 1, 2006, Taldo’s life changed once more. He became the Lane County Emergency Management Director. The Emergency Management position required him to be on call 24-7 and have his communications radio by his side. He has spent many nights watching tornadoes, checking for storm clouds, directing activities during the flood in Healy, coordinating efforts during fires and filling in on the ambulance when needed as well as many other things not listed. He has also logged many hours and miles to attend required meetings all over the state.

March 30th, Taldo turned the reins over to Bill Barnett, Jr. He opted for a more quiet life. When asked what the future held for him, Taldo said he plans to spend a lot of time in his home workshop. He loves to refinish old furniture. During the summer he enjoys working in his flower garden and doing yard work. And last but not least, he loves spending time with his grand kids. Taldo has turned in his radio for hammers, saws, and gardening equipment.


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