Commission approves purchase of trucks by Fire Dist. 6

By John Green
Hutchinson News – April 25, 2018

The Reno County Commission on Tuesday approved the purchase by the Reno County District No. 6 of two used trucks, together totaling less than $12,000.

The board also OK’d Juvenile Services applying for nearly $655,000 in block grants to fund its programs and approved a continuing contract worth almost $60,000 for engineering services at the county landfill.

— The commission unanimously approved the fire district buying a 1976 Ford 8000 Brush Truck from Reno/Harvey Joint Fire District No. 2 for $3,000, and a refurbished 6-by-6 truck from Stafford County to convert to a fire brush truck for a not-to-exceed cost of $8,900.

The Buhler-based fire station is disposing of the smaller vehicle to make room in its station, said District 6 Fire Chief Travis Mathis.

“It still has its pumps and tanks, all we have to put in is a radio,” Mathis said. “We need an extra truck out there and for us, this would be minimal cost.”

The district, which serves the Sylvia and Hayes townships primarily, has been having some large fires, Mathis said, and there is sufficient volunteer manpower to put another truck into use.

“We’ve been looking and were lucky this came through,” he said.

The second truck will replace a 1960-model 6-by-6 the department has been using for years that Mathis said has a much smaller cab than today’s vehicles and is thus difficult for firefighters to use.

“Our other truck’s top speed is 40 mph, and this will do 60 to 65 mph,” Mathis noted. “He will help us to be able to respond to the task force in Reno County, and to help other fire departments in Reno County too.”

Volunteer firefighters in the district will strip equipment off the old truck and install it on the refurbished one, including its lights, radio and 1,500-gallon water tank. They’ll also repaint the truck, which is now military camo.

“It’s just an upgrade for our truck that’s 30 years newer,” Mathis said.

Commission Chairman Ron Hirst and Commissioner Dan Deming both praised the department’s volunteers for taking on the task of equipping the truck.

“The efficiency of your fire department is commendable,” Hirst said.

“It’s a shining example of what a volunteer fire service can contribute to a community,” Deming said, then quipped, “but are you sure you can’t get more than 49 years out the 1960s model?”


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