Commission purchase rescue equipment

By John Richmeier
Leavenworth Times – March 14, 2018

The Leavenworth City Commissioners voted Tuesday to purchase Hurst rescue tools from Danko Emergency Equipment, Snyder, Nebraska, in the amount of $26,472 and a Paratech 3 air bag set from Feld Fire, Carroll, Iowa, in the amount of $4,234.

Fire Chief Gary Birch said the equipment will be used mostly for extricating people after car accidents.

He said the Hurst rescue tools are also known as the Jaws of Life.

Birch said the Fire Department has used hydraulic rescue tools in the past. But in recent years, firefighters have started using eDraulic rescue equipment, which is battery powered.

He said the Fire Department already has sets of the eDraulic tools at two of its three stations. Tuesday’s purchase will provide a set for the third fire station.

He said the old hydraulic tools will be used on reserve trucks.

Birch said the bid from Danko Emergency Equipment is a sole source bid. He said there is only one supplier for the Hurst equipment in the region.

Birch said he wanted to purchase Hurst equipment because that company’s tools already are used by the Fire Department. Birch said he wants the equipment within the department to be universal.


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