A strategic plan

By Michael Stavola
Hutchinson News – Feb. 19, 2018

3rd Annual Fire Service Recruitment Day on Feb. 16th. Photo by Sandra J. Milburn

The Hutchinson Fire Department unveiled a strategic plan on Friday that details the findings of a $10,000 study and outlines the department’s future.

The 2018-2023 strategic plan drew 60 business owners, residents and community leaders, known as external stakeholders, for a survey back in December. An additional 30 HFD employees, or internal stakeholders, also weighed in for the study conducted by the Center for Public Safety Excellence, a nonprofit that supports fire services.

“We needed to hear what we are doing right, what we’re not and what we need to tweak,” fire chief Steve Beer said.

The external stakeholders, who will be invited back to hear the results before the end of April, ranked the top three priorities for the HFD as responding quickly to calls, proper training and fire prevention education.

Meanwhile, the HFD staff identified strengths and weaknesses within the fire department. Staff determined retention and recruitment as a recurring problem which the HFD hopes to address in its seven goals developed from all the feedback.

They are:


    • A recruitment/retention program to maintain adequate staffing.


    • A comprehensive training program that facilitates a member’s career path and professional development to provide the most effective services.


    • A sustainable strategy to improve the use of technology in the HFD.


    • Public education and community outreach programs that provide a consistent message and pushed out timely information.


    • A comprehensive and effective firefighter health and safety program to equip HFD firefighters to do their job, and lead a healthy and well balanced professional and private life.


    • Improve the fleet maintenance program to provide transparency, accountability and quality.


    • Prepare for, pursue, achieve and maintain international accreditation.


Each goal has subcategories within it and a time frame as well as way to measure the success of each section. Beer said the HFD will use its resources to better address priorities discovered by the study.

The entire study can be viewed here.


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