Manhattan’s airport was so successful they needed a new fire truck

By Ann Olamiju
WIBW – Feb. 14, 2018

The Manhattan Regional Airport (MHK) hopes to see its numbers soar like they did in 2017 – with more passengers taking flights. The airport broke records last year with its largest number of passengers ever.

With that growth, they must meet new FAA standards – which is why they purchased this new fire truck.

Manhattan Fire Captain David Graham said the truck is need to keep up with the growing airport needs.

“In order to provide the coverage we need for our current index level we are running into some issues with some older equipment,” explained Graham. “I believe our back up truck right now was from 1979 and it does not have that cling agent that is required by the FAA for certain index levels.”

Firefighters are training to become familiar with the truck by conducting hours of training.

“We’re all required 12 hours of training on the truck initially just to be able to operate it and part of that training involves basic operation of the truck and getting familiar with the controls things like that,” said Graham.

Once they finish, firefighters will be prepared to handle many types of aircraft emergencies.

“Say we had a cargo plane that had a fire on board we can put out that fire,” explained Graham. ” It also allows us to get that turret clear down to the ground and do a low angle attack whether it be for fire under the aircraft or a fire in the lower portion of the aircraft.”

If all goes as planned, the truck should be cleared to take off into service in about a month.

The new fire truck will be the main responding vehicle for airport emergencies. Officials say the truck cost more than $800,000.


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