Ice rescue safety brings chills to students

By Kathy Hanks
Hutchinson News – January 8, 2018

Photos by Sandra J. Milburn

Thanks to bitterly cold temperatures in recent days, Sterling Lake was frozen solid for Friday’s ice rescue safety course.

The past two years they had to make due without ice, said Craig Smith, Hutchinson Community College Fire Science Instructor who has been teaching the winter course for 15 years.

The lake was frozen about five or six inches, which helped as 13 students ran through a rescue scenario.

Prior to the training, crews used chainsaws to cut two large holes in the ice so the victim could get in the water. However they kept the top of the ice they removed to securely repair after they were gone, to ensure no one would venture out once they were gone and fall in, causing a real rescue.

Running two stations they had a turn as primary rescuer and a backup rescuer holding the lines for the victim. By the end of the day, everyone had all three experiences. They wore ice suits which protected them in the water.

“They are having fun,” Smith said. “Especially because there was ice.


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