Throwback Thursday: From fire station to clubhouse

By Steve Harmon
Hutchinson News – December 28, 2017

Today’s installment of “Throwback Thursday” takes us to the 500 block of South Main Street on the east side. As Hutchinson was growing tremendously, its fire protection needs grew also. As most of Hutchinson existed south of Sherman Street at the time, there was a need to expand coverage there.

In about 1910, fire station No. 3 was constructed at 516 S. Main St. The first photo is of that station showing off its new “Hose Truck” in around 1920.

This two-story station was in continuous usage until closing in 1975 and moving to a new site at 100 E. Ave. E. After closing, the building was used by the Public Works Department, mostly for storage. The city tried to sell the building in around 1992 without much success. In around 2002, it was finally sold to private parties and has been used as the Sons Of Silence motorcycle clubhouse since. The second photo shows the building today, at 516 S. Main St. owned by Gene Hall.

Photo Credits: Before and After: Conard – Harmon Collection


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