Blunt St. display becomes a fitting memorial to fire chief

By Ryan D. Wilson
Clay Center Dispatch – December 22, 2017

Photo by Ryan D. Wilson

The Siemers family’s Christmas light display at 711 Blunt has served as a fitting memorial to Fire Chief Jon Siemers for almost as long as the display was up while he was alive.

Although the Siemers had put up Christmas lights before, they really started decorating in 2004 when their son Adam wanted a light display big enough to make the newspaper.

“We started really decorating about four years ago,” Jon Siemers said in a 2008 Dispatch article. “My youngest son (Adam) at that time wanted to make it in the paper as the once a week house of the week.”

After Jon passed away in February 2010, the display continued in his memory. as declared by a wooden fire truck trimmed with Christmas lights.

Lights of all shapes and sizes are strung up everywhere and a reindeer and a sleigh feel right at home looking over the wintery scene from up on the porch roof. The lawn has been decorated that way every year since Jon died.

Candy cane lights, little Santas and miniature evergreen tree lights decorate the lawn each year. A blow-up Santa stands guard at the sidewalk, accompanied by snowmen and penguins.

“We enjoy the way the kids come and see the lights and how the kids in the neighborhood respond to them,” Jon said in 2004. “Once we started, we figured we’ll be doing it as long as we can.”

In 2008 Jon said it took the whole family, including his wife Brenda and their children Adam, Courtney, Daniel, Tasha, Nicole and Marci six days or three weekends to put up all the decorations.

Brenda said that’s still true, but now that her children are all adults, they and her grandsons DJ and Kadyn assist her in the annual tradition of setting up the lights.

“(My favorite memory is) putting up the lights as a family and watching the people drive by and enjoying them,” Brenda said.

While the Siemers were not certain on the exact count on the decorations, Jon said in 2008 about 40 strings of lights light up the yard. Although a little has been added over the years, the display has remained fairly similar to what it was eight years ago.


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