September 2017 KSFFA Article

By Kevin Flory, KSFFA President

Good day Kansas Fire Service. Fall is just around the corner for us and we can look forward to cool days. Family vacations are winding down and school has started again. Many of our departments participate in Friday night football games at our local high schools. Take advantage of this chance to get out in front of the community and interact with them. It never hurts to build good will with our bosses. I would be remiss if I did not mention the great work of the Kansas Fire Service in supporting response efforts form Hurricane Harvey in Texas in August and early September. Awesome job by all in the response effort and those who awaited response calls for Hurricane Irma as well. It’s good to see our training pay off and know that our neighbors will be there for us as well should we need it.

This month I can report that we have decided on the 2018 Fire School schedule. Departments have been contacted about their dates for 2108. Check the Firewire and the website for an upcoming list of locations. Please make an effort to attend a school as we have many hands on classes as well as the upcoming year will bring more new classes. Your board has been busy these past few months. All the schools we have attended are designed to bring more info back to the Kansas Fire Service and help to improve our course offerings and expand others.

One of the events I attended was a symposium on Cancer in the Fire Service. It is our intent to bring forward a bill to address cancer presumption for the fire service, as well as PTSD issues and other heart and lung related diseases for ALL firefighters in Kansas. We have varying degrees of presumption within the career service depending on what retirement system you are in. We will be pursuing the coverage for all firefighters in the state regardless of pay status. Much information was gathered at this symposium and I will be working with the Executive Board to incorporate those lessons in to our courses we deliver at regional schools.

Another issue that is coming on the horizon is that of task force development for wildfires. The Fire Service Working Group has had many ideas given to them from all corners of the state. Those ideas all have education components to them for both the governing bodies as well as the fire service. KSFFA has committed to helping spread that word and the appropriate training that may be needed to help make the taskforce concept work in the state. We are proud to partner with the other entities in the state to assist in making this improvement to our fire service delivery in Kansas to protect our neighbors. Look for more information on this in the coming months. Also watch for updates and articles on this issue.

That is all for now. I hope you all have had a great summer and could enjoy some family time as well as fire service family time. Continue the excellent work in your communities. Remember to stay safe!


Posted by Gwen Dorr Romine, KSFFA Webmaster
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