Charges filed against man over Kansas wildfire video on social media

Hays Post – August 11, 2017

Photo by Reno County Fire District #4

A Kansas man who thought it would be cool to drive into a wildfire and shoot a video for social media has now been formally charged in Reno County District Court with three counts of child endangerment.

Josh Sellers, who is already serving time at HCF, is accused of driving into the wildfire in March — along with three teens — and shooting video. The matter came to light during the fire department’s arson investigation related to the fires that destroyed a number of homes and buildings and caused mass evacuations in the county.

The video, which went on social media, became a part of that investigation. When authorities discovered three of the passengers in the vehicle were under the age of 18, formal charges were brought against Sellers.

Sellers will be back in court for another hearing Aug. 23.


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