Hot football gets smoky

By Gale Rose
Pratt Tribune – August 8, 2017

Photo by Gale Rose. Click on photo to view full-size.

A child tried to inflate a football in a microwave but just created smoke and odor.

A smoking football turned out to be the cause of smoke in a house at 113 South Taylor Aug. 6. Anthony Cox, 7, wanted to put some air in his football so he decided to put it in a microwave. His family was outside the house enjoying the afternoon as they celebrated Jordan Cox’s birthday. Jordan is Anthony’s mother, said Bobby Cox, Anthony’s dad.

The football caught fire but Anthony was able to get the fire out with water. The fire burned a small hole about as big around as a pencil. Anthony hid the ball and went outside to play with the family but didn’t tell anyone about the fire.

The football continued to smell up the house and smoke from the fire was still in the house. Eventually someone went in the house, discovered the smoke and the smell but no one could find the source so they called the Pratt Fire Department.

The fire Department quickly arrived and Anthony eventually revealed what he had done, Bobby said.

Pratt Fire Chief David Kramer talked with Anthony as did his parents about fire safety. A fireman then gave Anthony a firefighter sticker and other items.

It was a unique birthday for Jordan and one she would never forget. And Anthony learned a very valuable lesson.


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