Manhattan Fire Department holds training for all types of situations

By Natalie Dattilio
WIBW – July 31, 2017


The Manhattan Fire Department is training to make sure they can handle all situations that arise.

The Fire Department’s Technical Rescue Team held rope rescue training Friday morning. They had to respond to a fake rescue call, where a man had fallen thirty or forty feet down a cliff and suffered a few fractures.

The Battalion Chief of Training says even though they haven’t had a call like this in real life, it’s better to be prepared.

“We always got to continue to refresh,” Mark Whitehair said. “We can always continue to learn, anytime we stop learning then we stop progressing. We always get new equipment, so we got to keep the cycle going, keep fresh with it. We got new guys on the department, its good for them to see so if we do get one of these situations. They kind of know how it will go and what equipment we’ll need to have a successful outcome.”

The department says the Technical Rescue Team is fully prepared for rescues at structural collapses, confined spaces and trenches, plus more.


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