Lightening firefighters’ loads

Hutchinson News – July 26, 2017

The Hutchinson Fire Department is poised to outfit firefighters with lighter-weight gear for wildfires, thanks in part to a donation from Luminous Neon.

Fire Chief Steve Beer said the Hutchinson sign company made a $1,000 donation after firefighters with Engine 5 gave a safety presentation to employees Monday.

The donation will serve as part of the match for a $4,000 grant from the Kansas Forest Service. The grant requires an equal amount of matching funds from the fire department, and Beer said the remainder of the match will be covered by a donation the department received after wildfires in March.

Beer said those fires in March demonstrated the need for different gear. Turnout gear for structure fires is heavy and bulky, and it caused firefighters to overheat and dehydrate while fighting the wildfires.

The lighter wildfire turnout gear also comes with a lighter price tag than standard structure fire gear. Beer hopes the grant and donations will pay for a dozen sets of gear.


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