Firefighters practice rescues on Arkansas River

By Adam Stewart
Hutchinson News – July 26, 2017

Photo by Travis Morisse

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Fire department rescue squads arrived at the Arkansas River a year ago to find three teenagers struggling to stay afloat in raging flood waters.

This week, a group of Hutchinson firefighters went back to the river to train for the next rescue.

While they were there, Capt. Aaron Walton offered safety advice for people spending time on the river.

Walton said Monday’s training focused on rescues from swift-moving water, such as the one last summer, because that is one of the biggest dangers.

Water rescues are infrequent, and because of that Walton said they can put people on edge when they do happen. But they have been growing in frequency as more people float on the river, so the Hutchinson Fire Department has sought to increase the frequency of water-rescue training.

Walton said the goal is to train at the river once or twice per year, in addition to in-house training.


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