Shawnee Co. emergency responders train with full scale exercise

By Natalie Dattilio
WIBW – July 21, 2017


If you saw a bunch of emergency responders near Forbes Field Thursday, don’t worry, they were just practicing.

Shawnee County emergency responders held a full scale exercise to practice for a real emergency. The training and exercise coordinator of the event, Errin Mahan, said the emergency was based on a large incident involving hazardous materials.

He said a big part of the drill is to test communications between members of the emergency responders and practice it in real time.

“We literally have vehicles on the roadway, we have firefighters in their gear responding to a simulated fire or a controlled burn that has been set where they’re putting water on fire, they’re literally putting bandages on patients and they’re transporting people to facilities,” Mahan said. “It’s not just sitting around a table discussing how a response would happen.”

The Topeka Fire Department and AMR were some of the emergency responders there.


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