Metro fire departments upgrade lifesaving breathing equipment

By Jim Cunningham
KMBZ – July 11, 2017

Six fire departments in Johnson County have received new equipment that will allow them to breathe in dangerous fire conditions.

Firefighters say it is one of the most important tools they have in a fire, the SCBA or Self Contained Breathing Apparatus. Firefighters usually call them airpacks.

Firefighters use them to breathe compressed air when poisonous smoke and gases would ordinarily make respiration impossible.

The new airpacks have a tracking system, monitoring by name, the truck to which they are assigned and the amount of air left in the bottles.

“They’ll be able to track where we are in the building,” said T.K. Allen, Shawnee firefighter. “These bottles last longer than our last bottles — overall it’s just an exciting pack to have.”

The air bottles have a 60-minute capacity, replacing the older 45-minute airpacks.

The departments now equipped with the Scott X3 SCBA are Olathe, Shawnee, Overland Park, District #1, Lenexa and the Northwest Consolidated Fire District.


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